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Does exactly what it says it will do

As a mac user in a company that runs primarily windows, after searching for .msg viewers, trying a few online converters, downloading a few of the “dat viewers” here in the store that didn’t show me any msg content, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this paid app (knowing it's possible to request a refund from Apple if it didn’t work effectively). Worked instantly showing exact content of msg files and all marketed features work for me. It will support my particular needs and am grateful there’s a reasonably priced option here to mitigate the steps of seeing the file content. Only recommendation I’d have for the developer is to replace the toolbar button icons with something more modern, reflective of Apple’s evolving aethetic. The present icons (in version 1.9.6) look like clipart and it lessens the perceived quality of the app itself.

Great App

We previously stored 10s of thousands of individual .msg files in our document management system. Once we switched to Macs, they became inaccessable. We have tried several solutions, and this by far is the best. Have not run into the problems that other reviewers have. Just clean, faithful reproduction of the original email. As an aside, I would discourage others from storing individual .msg files because of their proprietary nature. Fortunately this app saved us from ourselves.

Great app

it’s a good app for MSG type file viewer ! it’s the best app that I had purchase. it’s provide a beautiful UI and easy way to view all my MSG format file during my work. recommend it. thank develop

The best

This is the best app to view and edit Microsoft Outlook without MS, it's working very fast and easy to use, I would share it to my friends.


I selected this App after reading the good reviews and clicked on install. As with some apps, a dialog box appeared, which contained app usage statements that I must agree to. I read the entire list and the very last one stated that I must first agree to allow the App, "Msg Viewer Pro" to gather any material on my computer in any manner they saw fit, and that this data may be used to market or advertise other items to me. I found the unlimited data access “in any manner they saw fit” (my quote, as I don’t recall the exact phrase) to be unworthy of an App that Apple would present for purchase. I declined. The App was still installed and I had to delete it.

Good app

After I used this app, I can not do without this app anymore. This is the most convenient way to browse Microsoft Outlook. In particular, view email attachments, just press the space bar. Very convenient.

Good app!

Good application, it is useful for my daily work. I could use many more document formats. Thank you.

Recovers my messages

This app literally saved me tons of time recovering old messages. I found some .msg files from my old computer and I did not know what app to open those files to recover messages. Until one of my friends showed me this app. I tried it and it indeed read all the msg files and recovered all the messages. That feels like recovering old memories. Amazing app.

useful mail tool

I love this app ! its really a good outlook mail viewer for people who use the MS OUTLOOK all the day. By using this app, check msg from outlook file is no longger a problem, good job !

Nice message viewer

Very simple and easy to use app that allows you to view outlook message files. Just open any file and import it to any of other most popular formats such as pdf, txt, html or more. Very useful app. Recommend it.

Does not work - creates just empty file

This tool failed to open the .msg file I received. While it’s 2.8 mb big, this app claimes there is nothing in it. On Windows, the file opens perfectly!

Does Not Work

It did not open any of the msg files.

Very well made app.

This app is very useful tool for opening msg files on the mac.Not only can you read the msg format emails and access attachments but you can use the resulting converted file in Apple mail.This one opens msg files perfectly!

Perfect for reading Outlook .msg files

This is perfect for viewing Outlook .msg files.I have a few messages I needed to review for an project.I could not open these messages.This program worked great and was reasonably priced for what I needed it to do.Keep up the good work.

Very useful app!

I needed to open a few .msg files.Got this app and it worked great.This app opens them and you have options to print,export.etc.It is simple,easy to use and gets the job done.The price is right too!Thanks for the excellent app.

Works only for simplest files

Sure, it opens the body of the message, but all attachments are completely mangled, can’t even work out the original attachment names. Had a few .msg messages with .eml messages attached inside, every single one of them was corrupt.

All you need

Read the reviews before I purchased and was a little bit skeptical after reading the post from element26. Not sure what element26 is doing, as this software is easy to use and I did not experience the issues he/she is talking about. Works perfectly for me.

Doesn’t work on many files, inconsistent decoding, fake reviews

I bought this app because I needed to open my Microsoft Outlook .msg files. A few files could be opened (though they are missing parts compared to the originals), and others were complete gibberish! Buyer beware — I found many of the below reviews copied and pasted from OTHER products reviews.

Mangled formatting - message is not readable. Stay away

I had great hopes for this app. After installation, I opened a couple of messages and found that style information was mixed with the message text making it useless. If I wanted to see that, I could just open the .msg file in a text editor. I am not clear what value this app is providing. I recommend finding another solution.

Reliable tool for outlook msg files.

This app actually works perfectly.I don't even need to worry about it,it always work correctly.I like to use it to view my outlook .msg files,it's reliable and don't have any problem.Really impressed with this app,thanks for investing the time,money and resources to do it right.

Great app

I love this app and use it for all my outlook account,tried many other apps but nothing beats this in overall functionality.I've welcomed this app which allows me to view Microsoft Outlook .msg files. works great,I would recommend this to everyone.

Fast, rellable...great

It is really a powerful Msg viewer. It can help me to open Microsoft Outlook .msg files. and msg files quickly easily on my Mac. I have many msg files. it opened them perfectly. Beautiful interface. More importantly. it retain the layouts well. It is a good deal.I just purchased this app and so far very pleased with the results. Very simple and straight forward to use.

Application does what it says

This application enables me to view .msg files, ostensibly as forwarded by Outlook users. Surprisingly, it does not render .png inclusions inline where they are supposed to be - they appear along the bottom of the window. That capability, alone, would allow me to give this application 5 stars. I will make a suggestion to the developer.

Works as expected

Exactly what I needed. A perfect work-around.

love it, amazing.

makes life so easy.

Works instantly

The app does exactly what it it says and it's simple. Price is right. I would recommend to others.

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